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Blogathon 2014 Post 3 – There’s always last minute!

I just realized that there are just 10 minutes to 12! It’s my first engagement anniversary! 🙂 Our plans? Last moment packing, shopping & get set go!

I’m going home tomorrow! Woohoo! 😀

Though I packed last Sunday, I still have so many things to stuff inside the bags! My hubby hasn’t yet packed! He says, there’s always last minute!

I’m bunking office tomorrow but have to work in the morning. 😦 Don’t have much time left, so will just give the final touch & go to snoozeland! Good night! Happy weekend! 🙂


Blogathon 2014 Post 2 – Last year this time

Last year this time I was having the time of my life!

I had quit my previous job & was free!

I was in Kolkata with my family, getting pampered! No more tension about meeting prospective grooms as the alliance was already fixed!

I met my dearest friend M after over a year!

Travelled to Delhi with parents & masi mausa ji in train! It was like good old days, going for winter vacation!

Got engaged!

Joined new work place.

This year has started well too.

I’ll be home soon though for a very short span, still I can’t wait!

Will be meeting my old buddy M!

Will head for Thailand.

Seems a bit like deja vu isn’t it? 😉


Blogathon 2014 Post 1 – Happy New Year 2014!

Happy New Year! So I’m finally back in the blog world, reviving my blog, all thanks to RM & Blogathon 2014! Now where do I start! Let me start with a crisp review of 2013.

2013 had been about achieving everything which I was yearning for over the past few years. The highlights been getting married & switching job. I yearned for a job change & my parents looked forward to my marriage and the year gave us both!

To be technically correct, both my job offer & alliance were finalized in 2012 itself but I joined my new office & got engaged in Jan 2013.

This year (2013) I travelled to Manali for our honeymoon, it was short & sweet! Later in the year we visited Ladakh! That is one place I wanted to visit since years & thanks to my travel & Ladakh crazy hubby that I got to visit the pristine place! Our next destination is Thailand, scheduled in next few days! Do I need to say that I’m excited? 😀

New year is never incomplete without resolutions! This year I’m not taking any resolution which I won’t be able to achieve, so my resolutions are simple:

*Go for a vacation every year to a new place, be it a weekend trip or a long relaxing one.
* Read more. I’m happy to announce that I’m reading Harry Potter series. I had read book 1 & book 4 half when it was released. Now I’ve got all 7 books & currently reading book 5. Needless to say, I’m loving it!
* Blog more often. I really hope I’m able to live up to this one!

That’s all for now folks! Meet you again tomorrow! Have a great, healthy & happy new year 2014 everyone! 🙂