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The time of the year

on October 18, 2012

It is that time of the year when:

The wait to be in your home town becomes longer than ever.

Be in Kolkata or anywhere, the two flowers which captivates your mind are kaash & shiuli. You yearn for the fragrance of the latter over the most expensive perfumes.

You look up towards the sky during the day to find a brightly lit up space with clouds lighter than feather floating around. Some resemble a ship, some resemble a rabbit, some an ice cream cone or some an old laughing lady with open hair flying!

You don’t care about how much or what you shop & eat before or during the event.

You get loads of gifts & money from family and dear ones.

Grab all the pujoshonkhyas together and start looking for the novel/short story by your favourite authors & can’t wait to start reading them.

During the D days, it’s a madrush marathon. You start from early morning for the pandal hopping till afternoon, halt for lunch, start again, take rest, change to look your best and go for another round till dinner and if luck is on your side, you may be out throughout the night! The strategy is made for the past few months with the aim to cover north, south, east, west & central part of the city of joy! The plan often changes based on the reviews & suggestions from friends.

You get to hog the street food like never ever! Starting from fuchka & churmur followed by fish fry/finger, chicken roll, kebabs and biryani/chinese for dinner!

You never really admire the artistes & creative extravaganza of your city and the fashionistas throughout the year apart from this time of the year.

You would never really buy those heart shaped red balloons or bubble making things or red glowing devil horns any other time of the year even from India Gate.

Would cheer for your para/housing society pujo to win that award by The Telegraph or The Times of India.

Would play with vermillion like crazy with mother, grandmom, aunts and the married ladies and touch the idols for the first time in the season.

Would eat sweets & nimki like a drought torn person and touch each & every elder person’s feet till you get spondelitis and reach out for that tube of moov/volini to soothe yourself.

Run from hall to hall with your cousin bro who is more of a friend to catch the latest movies.

Before you realize it’s over for the year and time to go back to the mundane lifestyle.

The mantra for your life becomes Aschhe bochhor abar hobe! (Waiting till next year) Chant it till Diwali.

Happy Puja folks! May this year bring you lots of joy, fun & extravaganza! I’m going home! The time of the year is here!


7 responses to “The time of the year

  1. megha says:

    Baah kintu aamake toh mention korai holo na dekhchi! Aar oi ‘a’ brother taar byapare lekha holo!!

  2. Amit says:

    I used to feel the same about Diwali some years back but somehow the feeling has left me. Now when I think of Diwali, I think of running back inside the house and closing all the windows before I choke to death. 🙂 I wish the festival was celebrated in a more ‘natural’ way.

    • Sreetama says:

      I agree with you Amit. Regarding Diwali, I always felt like running inside & hiding under the quilt! But Durga Puja is closer to my heart. I feel more at home while celebrating this festival! You must visit Kolkata at least once during this time. If not, at least visit C R Park if u haven’t done that already! 🙂 Wish u & your family a very happy Puja/Navratra!

  3. R's Mom says:

    Darn! I am so so so jealous!!!

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