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Friday the 13th

on July 16, 2012

I’m not a superstitious person but I do get conscious at such popular superstitions such as sneezing before leaving for some place, seeing one brown bird, which we call shalikh in bengali or say Friday the 13th!

2012 has a lot of such so called jinxed dates! Last one was in April. That day I was travelling and was on my way to home. The trip was nice. I had lovely copassengers, lot of kids. But then the most dreaded time of the month arrived. Thankfully I was prepared! But unfortunately Eastern Railway had to bear the brunt of it… Poor helpless me! While deboarding the train, my father & my soul sister M were waiting for me in the station. Instead of waiting in the long line for the taxi, we decided to follow the tried & tested auto route. But then again the auto in which we travelled for over 15 minutes, we realized that it’s taking a different route all together. We got down, walked and finally found a taxi. The spell of Friday the 13th!

Now this 13th of July… The clock struck 12 & the omen started casting its spell on me. Everyday I keep my glasses beside my pillow towards the wall. That very night I had to put it on the other side of the pillow. While I was getting down to fetch a bottle of water it fell flat on the floor and le, the left side of my specs cracked. 😦 And to add cherry on the cake, I couldn’t remember where did I keep my extra pair of specs. Arrgghhh! For someone who has power over -5 with a complicated spherical-cylindrical combo, broken specs is more painful than broken heart… With a sour mood, I thought of watching a sitcom in my laptop to help myself feel better. While sitting, I got pricked by a nail on the wall on which I decided to rest my back on. Talk about series of bad luck! :-/

While talking to my friends M & A, I had expected sympathy. But they laughed at me & made fun of me! What b*****s man! x-(

Next day I wore contact lenses to work. I wear them occasionally but. Wearing them for 14 hours straight is no child’s play, at least not for me! Initially it was troublesome. My computer screen looked hazy, eyes became watery, tired & heavy. But somehow I managed. People in my office were sympathetic towards me but I really don’t need your fake sympathy you know? Especially when you come and say how harmful contact lenses are for eyes! Hmmphhh! It’s been 4 days now and I’ve managed just fine. I wore my cracked glasses while at home. On Saturday afternoon I even took a power nap with my lenses on my eyes & trust me, nothing happened!

This Sunday I have given it for repair & it might take a week. Let it be. I know I will be fine. I have found my old spare specs as well on Sunday night. It’s a bit uncomfortable as the power is not the same. But still I can see and it’s working.

My back was hurting for a couple of days where the nail was pricked but I chose to ignore it. It is not hurting now. Hence it’s proved that it wasn’t serious.

I will be fine. This too shall pass. Amen.


4 responses to “Friday the 13th

  1. megha says:

    Hmnnn…i see

  2. R's Mom says:

    Awww! hugs hugs…I can so understand breaking the specs…I am a totally understand you…I used to wear lenses earlier..but after R’s birth..I find them too cumbersome…I usually have TWO extra pair of specs 🙂 especially with the brat around 🙂

    big hugs okie?

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