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I believe in angels

on July 6, 2012

I believe in angels, something good in everything I see… 🙂 This is my favourite line in the song. And boy, it’s so true! If you look around, there will be no dearth of angels in your life. No matter how bad your day is, how monotonous your life gets, there are people who knowingly or unknowingly make you smile.

For instance, it rained in Delhi today. Finally after the wait of months, it rained… But the sad part of urban life is that you can enjoy the rain till the time you are indoor. Once you are out, you will experience the vices of dirt, muck, water logging, transport hazard & what not! When I left office with my colleague A, there were hardly any mode of transport around. All we could do was to wait till we get something to take us to the metro station. Finally there was an empty auto. A got in but the crazy driver was in no mood to stop. While he remained inside, I was outside. While waiting I saw a bus & thought of getting in but it was too crowded. Suddenly I heard a familiar voice behind me saying “Sree wait, don’t get into that bus.” OMG! A got down from the auto just so that I’m not left alone in the troubled time! Who does that nowadays? Especially when his family members were waiting for him at home which is almost a 2 hour journey from office! I was overwhelmed!

There is another sweet guy in my office, K. We get free almost at the same time and go together till the metro station from where our routes change. There are days when I get late but he gets free, I insist him to leave but he is sweet enough to stay back & wait for me! Ok, not forever but at least till half an hour. Again, who does that nowadays?

I can’t get lunch everyday at work. Sometimes my colleagues B & R notice that am food less and help me with generous amount of tasty home made food! It just feels great! Remember how Stanley used to feel when his classmates & friends shared their tiffin with him? That sense of gratitude. It’s just the same! Even for that matter my friend & colleague for a short stint didn’t think twice before sharing half egg of his egg curry with me! Fyi, eggs make me go crazy! I luurrrveee diim, err eggs! 😀 It’s difficult for an egg lover to part ways with half an egg! Kudos to you DD! 😀

When we had to shift home a month back, our condition was so bad & I was so stressed that I used to get nightmares every night. We weren’t settled and didn’t get the gas connection. Tired of eating out everyday in this sultry Delhi summer, we were about to break down till my room mate’s neice S & her roomies A & K came to our rescue. They used to feed us every night and helped us in every possible way to shift & settle down in our new home.

My dear friends from IIMC, M, A & S stay in different cities, yet make it a point to call up everyday so that I can share each little detail of my life & they with their sweet verbal release therapy magically transform a gloomy day into a bright sunny one!

It’s for people like them, staying away from home in a different city becomes easy. I’m so very touched with the gestures of the above mentioned people and more that I can’t thank you guys enough. My blogger friend RM mentioned in her posts, God exists in every form… Can’t agree more. Life is bliss in presence of such angels, so much so that you can easily ignore the devils around you!


2 responses to “I believe in angels

  1. megha says:

    awwww…how touching!
    This is the least that can be done considering there isn’nt much time left where i can freely make std calls at a nominal rate of 40p/minute!!

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