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Friday the 13th

I’m not a superstitious person but I do get conscious at such popular superstitions such as sneezing before leaving for some place, seeing one brown bird, which we call shalikh in bengali or say Friday the 13th!

2012 has a lot of such so called jinxed dates! Last one was in April. That day I was travelling and was on my way to home. The trip was nice. I had lovely copassengers, lot of kids. But then the most dreaded time of the month arrived. Thankfully I was prepared! But unfortunately Eastern Railway had to bear the brunt of it… Poor helpless me! While deboarding the train, my father & my soul sister M were waiting for me in the station. Instead of waiting in the long line for the taxi, we decided to follow the tried & tested auto route. But then again the auto in which we travelled for over 15 minutes, we realized that it’s taking a different route all together. We got down, walked and finally found a taxi. The spell of Friday the 13th!

Now this 13th of July… The clock struck 12 & the omen started casting its spell on me. Everyday I keep my glasses beside my pillow towards the wall. That very night I had to put it on the other side of the pillow. While I was getting down to fetch a bottle of water it fell flat on the floor and le, the left side of my specs cracked. 😦 And to add cherry on the cake, I couldn’t remember where did I keep my extra pair of specs. Arrgghhh! For someone who has power over -5 with a complicated spherical-cylindrical combo, broken specs is more painful than broken heart… With a sour mood, I thought of watching a sitcom in my laptop to help myself feel better. While sitting, I got pricked by a nail on the wall on which I decided to rest my back on. Talk about series of bad luck! :-/

While talking to my friends M & A, I had expected sympathy. But they laughed at me & made fun of me! What b*****s man! x-(

Next day I wore contact lenses to work. I wear them occasionally but. Wearing them for 14 hours straight is no child’s play, at least not for me! Initially it was troublesome. My computer screen looked hazy, eyes became watery, tired & heavy. But somehow I managed. People in my office were sympathetic towards me but I really don’t need your fake sympathy you know? Especially when you come and say how harmful contact lenses are for eyes! Hmmphhh! It’s been 4 days now and I’ve managed just fine. I wore my cracked glasses while at home. On Saturday afternoon I even took a power nap with my lenses on my eyes & trust me, nothing happened!

This Sunday I have given it for repair & it might take a week. Let it be. I know I will be fine. I have found my old spare specs as well on Sunday night. It’s a bit uncomfortable as the power is not the same. But still I can see and it’s working.

My back was hurting for a couple of days where the nail was pricked but I chose to ignore it. It is not hurting now. Hence it’s proved that it wasn’t serious.

I will be fine. This too shall pass. Amen.


The weekend & some realizations

The second weekend of July has been a well spent one after almost one & a half months. There was no tension of unpacking, washing, expecting plumber or electrician… It has been terribly stressful over the past few weeks. Finally this weekend was absolutely dedicated to us.

I had no plans for Saturday. As usual I didn’t get lunch at work thinking that I have to finish by afternoon, come back and then eat. But then as fate would have it, my boss was there and somehow it got stretched till 3. 😦

Realization: No matter how efficiently you plan your work, if your boss wants to keep you in office till late, you can hardly have your way.

After leaving office, I realized how hungry I was. While I was planning what to eat, my colleague K called & said he has also got free and we can go together till the metro station. After reaching the metro station, he said that another colleague V is on his way and they are planning to go to Jama Masjid, Old Delhi for lunch. K invited me to join as well. I declined twice but K kept on requesting me & I finally agreed. Thought it would be a good scope to interact with them better at a more personal level and I was terribly hungry anyway! So the 3 of us started our journey.

Realization: Unplanned ventures are always more fun than what we plan for long time. And many a times your plans fail but sudden plans are always successful!

After changing the metro twice and discussing about all sorts of things, personal and professional and 5 minutes of walk, we reached the famous Karims restaurant which is known all over the world for it’s biryani and other non veg delicacies. I had always wanted to visit this place but never got a place as it’s always crowded. But maybe due to the odd hour, we managed to get place to sit. Though I couldn’t try the biryani, but I relished the unique tangy & spicy flavour of jahangiri chicken! Sadly, V is following a veg diet as it’s a ritual among people in certain regions to eat veg food during the month of monsoon. Sadly he kept munching paneer paratha! 😦 Even my roomie sounded very jealous when she heard that I’m hogging chicken while she can’t even think about having non veg! Funny customs I tell you! No offence to anyone, but if you are so much in love with your non veg and keep thinking when will this one month end and I can eat meat again… What’s the point really? Whom are they kidding? Anyway, to each to his own.

Realization: It’s not the custom that we wish to follow wholeheartedly but it’s got more to do with love for family and parents. Like, in cases of my roomie & V, they are not having non veg because they want to make their parents happy. As V said, “Mummy ne mana kiya hai to nahi khana chahiye.” My roomie N also came up with something similar, “My mom doesn’t force me to follow the veg diet but she’ll be happy & proud of me if I follow the custom.”

Old Delhi is dingy but it has it’s own charm which the posh & up market Delhi can never have. This time when my parents visit Delhi (which is 10 days from now! Yayy! :-D) I’ll take them to Old Delhi… Chandni Chowk, Parathe wali gali, Darya ganj, Jama Masjid, Red Fort & Karims… Only if I get time that is…

Sunday happened after 12.30. Yes, even SMJ couldn’t wake me up this time! B-) Had brunch with Aloo Puri cooked by my roomie followed by tea by me, we got ready for going out. Initially we had planned for movie but finally changed mind.

I had vowed against shopping but ended up buying 3 kurtis and a kurta.

Realization: I’m way passe that age when I could easily sport a funky t shirt with a humourous quote on it. All I think now is can I wear this to office n settle for kurta/kurti/shirt/nice & classy tops. I miss my 16-20 age! 😦 Not that I don’t wear humourous quotation t shirts anymore, just that I don’t buy them anymore.

Retail therapy isn’t that bad untill I realized that my debit card is not working. It is 3 years old and most of the ATMs & shops can’t read the card. As per my vow of not indulging myself in shopping spree I didn’t care to withdraw money. I was almost out of money at the end of the day. Finally on Monday I went to the bank & applied for a new one.

Realization: I don’t work unless my ass is on fire. And I must change this attitude of mine.Period.

Now comes the binging part. We had gorged some yummy chilli potatoes in the midst of our shopping. We were not very hungry but decided to dine out as we were in no mood to cook after going back home. While my roomie wanted to have dosa, I had chicken burger & chicken nuggets from McDonalds. She was kinda jealous & passed a comment on how I don’t love her enough & having chicken in front of her! I too jokingly gave back to her that it is afterall her choice to have veg and am just following my choice.
P.S: She had only suggested that I can order something non veg as she wanted to have south indian food which I absolutely detest! Hence no question of sharing it. Had she ordered for veg chinese or north indian food, I would’ve happily shared.

Realization: I have stopped taking hints deliberately and doing things which pleases my heart.

Then came the toughest part of getting an auto. These lajpat nagar auto drivers hardly want to go where the passengers want them to go. He asked for Rs. 120 while in meter the fare would be Rs. 80. But since it was getting late & we were tired,we bargained and settled for Rs. 100. We told the fellow to charge us according to the meter but the guy was adament. Finally we reached home while the Monday blues already started hitting us.

Realization: There is corruption in every sphere of society. Both the auto fellow n we practised it. What right do we have to blame the politicians and other big shots? We and they are the ones to encourage Anna Hazare but behind his back compromise. Poor Anna Hazare…


I believe in angels

I believe in angels, something good in everything I see… 🙂 This is my favourite line in the song. And boy, it’s so true! If you look around, there will be no dearth of angels in your life. No matter how bad your day is, how monotonous your life gets, there are people who knowingly or unknowingly make you smile.

For instance, it rained in Delhi today. Finally after the wait of months, it rained… But the sad part of urban life is that you can enjoy the rain till the time you are indoor. Once you are out, you will experience the vices of dirt, muck, water logging, transport hazard & what not! When I left office with my colleague A, there were hardly any mode of transport around. All we could do was to wait till we get something to take us to the metro station. Finally there was an empty auto. A got in but the crazy driver was in no mood to stop. While he remained inside, I was outside. While waiting I saw a bus & thought of getting in but it was too crowded. Suddenly I heard a familiar voice behind me saying “Sree wait, don’t get into that bus.” OMG! A got down from the auto just so that I’m not left alone in the troubled time! Who does that nowadays? Especially when his family members were waiting for him at home which is almost a 2 hour journey from office! I was overwhelmed!

There is another sweet guy in my office, K. We get free almost at the same time and go together till the metro station from where our routes change. There are days when I get late but he gets free, I insist him to leave but he is sweet enough to stay back & wait for me! Ok, not forever but at least till half an hour. Again, who does that nowadays?

I can’t get lunch everyday at work. Sometimes my colleagues B & R notice that am food less and help me with generous amount of tasty home made food! It just feels great! Remember how Stanley used to feel when his classmates & friends shared their tiffin with him? That sense of gratitude. It’s just the same! Even for that matter my friend & colleague for a short stint didn’t think twice before sharing half egg of his egg curry with me! Fyi, eggs make me go crazy! I luurrrveee diim, err eggs! 😀 It’s difficult for an egg lover to part ways with half an egg! Kudos to you DD! 😀

When we had to shift home a month back, our condition was so bad & I was so stressed that I used to get nightmares every night. We weren’t settled and didn’t get the gas connection. Tired of eating out everyday in this sultry Delhi summer, we were about to break down till my room mate’s neice S & her roomies A & K came to our rescue. They used to feed us every night and helped us in every possible way to shift & settle down in our new home.

My dear friends from IIMC, M, A & S stay in different cities, yet make it a point to call up everyday so that I can share each little detail of my life & they with their sweet verbal release therapy magically transform a gloomy day into a bright sunny one!

It’s for people like them, staying away from home in a different city becomes easy. I’m so very touched with the gestures of the above mentioned people and more that I can’t thank you guys enough. My blogger friend RM mentioned in her posts, God exists in every form… Can’t agree more. Life is bliss in presence of such angels, so much so that you can easily ignore the devils around you!