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Only child = lonely child?

Being an only child of my parents I have often heard from many people around me that I must be a lonely, unsocial child. I don’t know what sharing is. I don’t know what loving your brother/sister is. But is it really so? I’m a single child & I have grown up in a nuclear family. The latter makes their ideas even stronger. But with my 25 years of experience I have seen & strongly believe that your number of siblings don’t decide your nature or conduct. Yes, I can counter each of the points I mentioned above & even more.

1. Only child = lonely child: Hell no! Firstly, every child spends most of the time of the day in school & later part with friends. At least in my case, this was it. In the evening after coming home from my games of twilight, there was homework, having dinner & sleeping. In the mean time, my parents spent quality time with me. When was the time to feel lonely?

2. Only child doesn’t know what’s sharing: Well, my parents always taught me to share things. Even if it is a small chocolate, I would share it with whoever is present around me. On the contrary, I’ve seen quite a number of people, who are not only child of their parents have & do things on their own. They don’t even have the decency to offer the person sitting right next to him/her. Some of them even belong to joint families. As one of my friends told, people from joint families always fight for their share & hence are protective & insecured about what they possess for a moment. May be it’s true, may be not!

3. Only child does not know what a brother/sister means: What are cousins for then? I have a sizeable number of cousins & I love them no less than how much I would’ve loved my siblings. Do you really ration your love? Ya your love may be more or less varying from person to person, but after all love is love right? I believe the relation I share with my cousin brother, who is just 7 days elder to me is the most amazing one! We fight but I’m 100% sure that even if I had my own brother, he couldn’t have loved me any more.

4. Only child is mostly introvert: This is true. I agree. I am introvert, rather very introvert. It takes a lot of time for me to open up & be myself. But once I be myself, people can hardly make me stop! To counter the argument, I can say that I have many friends with siblings who are introvert & vice versa. So having siblings doesn’t really matter.

5. Only child is a pampered brat: As if other children r not? Or do parents don’t love their children if they have more than one? Their argument is that since I’m the only child, my parents shower all their love on me resulting in me being a pampered brat. I’m not boasting but I was a very quiet & well behaved child. Yes, I did play pranks but they weren’t something destructive. And I am not pampered. Period. My parents love me a lot. They have always given me whatever I needed & even more than that. But that doesn’t mean that all my wishes were granted. I remember I had demanded an expensive toy but my father made me understand that I didn’t really need it and there will be times when I should be ready for denials as in my life I can’t have everything served in my plate.

6. Only child can’t share the responsibility of parents: People make me & my parents realize that I’ll have to bear the responsibility all by myself and my parents will always have to be dependent on me & nobody else. “What will happen when you get married? Your parents would be so lonely without you and can’t depend on you everytime as you’ll have a family of your own. If you had a son, the condition in your old age would have been much better.” Firstly, I already stay in a different city and we miss each other a lot. But we value each other’s circumstances & have come to terms with it. And getting married doesn’t necessarily mean that I’ll be detached from their life. I will be with them whenever they need me. A son is not a gurantee card of your old age. Even he can be in a different city & when married, he too will have a family of his own. Worst part is when the siblings think that the other one will take care of parents. Why should I bother? At least in case of only child there is no such chance.

I can’t remember any other points of allegations on only child right now. If you remember any more, feel free to let me know & I’ll happily counter the same!