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Rockstar – Some points I had pondered over

on November 15, 2011

The very first day when I saw the promo of Rockstar, the song Sadda Haq, I knew that this movie I got to watch in the hall! After month long wait, advance booking of tickets, I finally saw the movie. But sadly, instead of the sizzle, I experienced fizzle. (As described by DNA review).

I’m not a movie critic, neither shall I delve deeper into movie making techniques that too by the celebrated director Imtiaz Ali, I would just mention what I liked in the movie and what I didn’t and what  could have been to make the movie long in my mind. I’m an optimist, hence I shall start with things that I liked:

1. Ranbir Kapoor!It is completely his movie. He has outdone himself and couldn’t have been better. From the lovable Hindu College lad singing under the V tree or disusing criteria to be a Rock star in the canteen, to getting disappointed on knowing the fact that he hasn’t faced anything that will devastate him, to the lover boy and finally the angry rockstar Jordan! He rocked it all! Personally I would vote for Janardan Jakhar & not Jordan.

P.S: I’m not an RK fan.

2. The music. A R Rehman is God. Period. I must say that the Rockstar music is ahead of its time and it takes time to grow on you. But when it does, you can’t get rid of it!

3. The first half. The first half was a true blue Imtiaz Ali movie. The crisp dialogues, the fun element, the innocence of the characters increased the interest level every moment making the audience yearn for more.

4. Cinematography. The cinematography was no doubt awesome! Be it Saddi Delhi or Parag (Prague) or the concerts. The cinematographer made a beautiful movie to look at.

5. The looks & costumes of the lady. Nargis Fakhri, the 32 year old Pakistani Czech e is the new pretty thing in Bollywood. A sight f her will make you feel, “Agar dharti pe kahi jannat hai, to yehi hai, yehi hai!”. Playing the role of a Kashmiri beauty and clad in Pashminas, Firhans in the first half and her chic costumes in the second half, the outfits really did justice to Heer Kaul, the high society Kashmiri based in Delhi, St. Stephens student & later the NRI homemaker. She was really amazing to look at! Like they describe princesses to be. Somehow, there was a creepy similarity between her & Katrina Kaif! Ignore this part if you don’t feel so!

Now the things I didn’t like or what I had expected.

1. The ambiguous second half. The second half turned out to be too random. Couldn’t quite get the clue what, why & how things were happening. How did he become a proper Rockstar? When did he actually fall in love with Heer? Or was it plain & simple ? What was the cause of his anger? Which ‘haq’ did he want? What about his family? So many unanswered questions…

2. Nargis Fakhri’s acting skills. It was really sad to see the leading lady in Imtiaz Ali’s movie’s lack in acting penchant. Even the simplest of lines were told with so much stress that I felt even the next door, or I could’ve acted better! (Yes yes, the drama queen that I am, at least in the first half I could’ve done a better job!)

3. Editing. I have serious doubts that the Editor has chucked out the scenes that were supposed to stay and kept the ones which were actually supposed to be chucked out! The last part seemed to be too long and tad repetitive.

4. The media bashing. There was too much of media bashing. Being in the media and a passout of one of the top media schools in the country, it actually hurt me to see Jordan abusing or beating up the members of the media. It is a generic view that Media creates all the hype. Let me tell you, the reporters don’t wait in front of politicians’/stars’ houses/office to have fun. It is their daily job, like you sit on your desk, work in the computer & files! The channels don’t break news after news for it’s something amusing, it is their job to keep the TRP high. After all, same news would be run in all the channels, news channels are not entertainment channels which can show different shows. I think this part deserves a separate post.

5. The too much of an open end. The end of the movie was too sudden and drastic. If it had to be a tragedy, there could have been a better way to project it. What are we supposed to gather from it? Rather, from the movie? It was more of a Devdas than a Rockstar. Falling, rising & dying in love!

What I had expected:

My father had gathered from some unknown source that the movie is a tribute to Kurt Cobain. I heard that it’s a tribute to Jim Morrison, which was partly visible in the first half. But sadly, I didn’t see either. I had expected to see the complete transformation of a naive lad to a true blue rock star, his pain, his joys, the moments of solace he had with his music, how each song came up/the emotions behind the songs which had such soulful lyrics and music, his jamming sessions, his poison! I wanted to watch a Rockstar, not a lover coz every other movie is a love story, but every love story is not about a rock star. To my mind, Imtiaz Ali couldn’t fulfill this expectation of his music lover audience. But still, I wouldn’t regret watching it and might watch it again for the things I liked.

There was something very common which was emphasized again. Behind every art or a succesful artist, there’s pain. Unless you burn yourself in the fire of pathos, you can’t produce something to be cherished by others.As Percy Byshe Shelly had said, “Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thoughts.”






8 responses to “Rockstar – Some points I had pondered over

  1. Guess you’ve started reviewing movies and plat to become a film critic!!
    I jst have one thing to say… I felt that more than Ranbir this was a director’s movie.
    The storytelling was extraordinarily made simple though being a very complex one… he made the actors potray what he wanted.. though he failed with the leading lady 🙂

  2. Sreetama says:

    No no, i don’t intend to be a critic. I was just sharing my feedback as a viewer!

  3. Seema says:

    I haven’t watched the movie yet. I guess I’ll watch it within a year as has been a norm with me for every other movie. Mostly I end up watching movies once they are aired on TV for the 100th time.

    Liked the quote “Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thoughts” – So so true.

  4. Seema says:

    Hey, long time no see? Hope things are fine at your end.

  5. Sreetama says:

    But thank you so much for asking! So sweet of you! 🙂 Hope you guys are doing fine?

  6. Damon says:

    Wonderful blog! I found it while browsing on Yahoo News. Do you have any

    suggestions on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Cheers

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