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One of the amazing weekends!

on November 14, 2011

This weekend has been an amazing one! Seldom does such a weekend come, especially in my life! Saturday, which is supposed to be a half day in my office hardly sticks to its time. In stead of 2 pm, my Saturdays end an hour or two later.  But this Saturday the plan was in place & I followed it to the core and voila! I was done by 2 pm!!! 😀

I didn’t get lunch as I was feeling too lazy in the morning & thought that I’ll give 100% effort to come back home early and have lunch. In office, the guys were in festive mood and decided to have a Pizza party. We contributed 50 bucks each & had pizza! The men of the office also planned for a cricket match! I was asked to be the Umpire! When I said that my knowledge in cricket is limited, my colleague said, “Arrey bas do chizo pe dhyan dena, wicket girna aur catch lena. Baki sab to chalta hai!”  But finally I didn’t as I said that I need to go home!

The moment of the day was when boss announced that he’ll be out of station for near about 2 weeks! Ahahaha!!! That was literally music to our ears!!! 😀 And just when he was about to leave, the Pizza delivery boy reached. Boss was like, “You guys were waiting for me to leave and celebrating my absence, isn’t it?!” It was another embarrassing moment but we managed by offering him pizza. He just had a bite and left! Whew!!!

After coming back home, I had a nap of about 2 hours! In the evening, when my roommate came, she quickly cooked dinner. The reason being, the TV premier of Bodyguard! After getting out heart broken last time, (we went for the movie & three constructive shows were housefull) this time we didn’t want to miss it at all! we had roti & alu bhujiya and some left over chilly chicken for dinner along with the Sallu flick! Neither of us are his fan, just wanted to have some cheap thrill! It’s a fultoo entertainer! Don’t go by the storyline or anything! 😛 Once in a bluemoon we do watch some films to de-stress!

Sunday morning happened at 11 am. Had tea, bread & namkeen for breakfast. Took bath and had noodles for lunch. We realized that gas is over so we were kind of happy sad! Happy coz no tension of cooking & having food from outside. Sad coz we won’t be able to have tea! Anyway, taking lessons from last time, we had already booked tickets for Rockstar. Went for it in the afternoon.

It was a nice watch, even nicer to hear. But the movie had a lot of loopholes which was not expected from Imtiaz Ali! Any way, am glad I watched it & didn’t skip it on the basis of not so good reviews! Had gol gappa & came back home. Watched TV, read ans waited for dinner to be delivered for ages!After eating went to bed immediately & realized I was quite tired.

My phone is acting weird. The alarm is not ringing when it is supposed to but hours later! 😡 Depending on my dad to wake me up now! Hope we have a great week ahead!

Happy Children’s Day everyone! 🙂


4 responses to “One of the amazing weekends!

  1. Hey sreetama..the above post reminded me of my PG days.Watching every damn movie in theatre ,weekend morning which starts at 11..aalo bhujia to make the pg food little tastier and ya how can one forget maggie…glad u got your staurday off on time 🙂

  2. Yeah! Maggi is like our everyday diet! it’s a must have in our kitchen. Whenever we reach the last cake, I get a family pack!

  3. Seema says:

    Reminded me of my PG days as well. How I miss them!!!

    Morning starts at 11 😡 Will me weekends ever be like that again? 😐

    Yay on boss’s absence for two weeks. Enjoyyy!

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